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Starmyri's mission is to preserve and promote the integrity and versatility
of the wonderful Appaloosa horse.

Home of Stars Fim Koppur and Starwalker!

Stars Fim Koppur & Starwalker

Starmyri Appaloosas began with the purchase of our 161-acre farm in September 1994. It was the beginning of implementing a lifelong dream. With the help of my husband and family we have come a long way towards fulfilling that dream - breeding Appaloosa horses that have it all - great temperaments, beauty, good conformation and lots of color as well. I'm not greedy, but I want the complete package!

One of our main goals is to increase the Appaloosa genetics in our herd, as it appears to be being bred out of the modern day Appaloosa horse. We are slowly achieving that, but it takes time to get there. We are also working to appeal to the Recreational Rider with our "INDIAN SHUFFLERS" - the Cadillac ride! We have been able to consistently produce foals with excellent quality, gait and conformation, by using a very selective breeding program.

We have also discovered that we have "hidden" treasure in our herd - a complete line of Colorado Rangerbred horses! This is very exciting especially as our stallions, Starwalker and Stars Fim Koppur, are direct line Rangerbred, now registered with the CRHA. There are very few in Canada and we are proud to be one of them! The Colorado Ranger Horse Association was the third official horse registry established in the United States behind the Morgan and the Saddlebreds. Mike Ruby, the original developer of the "horses of the high plains", formed it in 1935.

Starmyri Appaloosas utilizes Natural Horsemanship for working and training our stock. We use some very old methods learned from my parents and some "new" techniques learned through the various trainers available today. These "new techniques", are actually very old and proven to be http://casinofreespins.ca/ successful, as our horses will attest to. We have a very happy, healthy herd without vices or fear. Our Horsemanship students learn these techniques, and it has served to make their relationships with their horses a fun and fulfilling experience.

We have a passion for our colorful Appaloosa horses, their genetics, and history. We are doing everything in our power to try to ensure that this incredible animal does not disappear into the mists of time. Interestingly, many of our observations have been verified by the Appaloosa Project study. This has made us incredibly happy, as it supports us in the direction we have chosen - to save our Appaloosa horse, and help return him to his original beauty and abilities, as noted by Lewis & Clark way back when.

Our foals are generated from a carefully thought out plan with a definite goal in mind. My knowledge of genetics (favorite College course) has definitely been an asset in achieving our goals. The Appaloosa Project study has also been of great assistence in making our breeding decisions. It has taken us several years to build our broodmare band, but the exacting requirements made it so. Sometimes when I walk amongst the gang, I believe I can hear the whispers of their people from days long past - the Ghostwind horses.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. Customer satisfaction is of primary importance, whether it be selling just down the road or across the oceon! Please feel free to email Starmyri with any questions you may have. We are always happy for any excuse to talk Appaloosa horses with you!


"Ride an Appaloosa ... Spot the Difference!"


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"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion.
It seizes a person whole and once it has done so, he has to accept that this life will be radically changed."

...Ralph Waldo Emerson

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